Conversational Tutorials

Content of Tutorials

Sometimes it can be very valuable to simply sit and talk about paintings that have been made or are in progress and receive feedback and advice on how to improve or how to move forward.  This method of learning is very common on fine art degree courses with the tutor putting forward observations and questions that draw the students attention to aspects and possibilities within their work that they may not have been aware of.  This can include help with ideas and tips on materials and techniques.  This can be quite an intensive way of learning, with many aspects of painting and art covered within a short space of time.  



When You Should Have Tutorials 

This form of tuition will normally be done once the key foundations have been covered and you are fully up and running with your painting, although anyone who is making their own oil paintings can most definitely benefit from tutorials.


A tutorial can be arranged to last for as little as half an hour or much longer, depending on the quantity or scale of artwork to discuss.