Mixing Oil Paints - True Colour Mixing

Mixing Oil Paints for Paintings

Learning about and being in control of colour can make an enormous difference to your paintings.  This being the case, it is worth granting colour mixing the importance it deserves.  Very often however painters are in such a hurry to get the paint on the canvas that their “colour mixing” is reduced to grabbing some paints and hastily sloshing a few colours together with a brush or even attempting to mix the colours they want on the canvas itself.  Or simply, due to lack of understanding, painters rely on luck or “trial and error” to achieve the colours they need or resort to buying endless amounts of paints in the hope that that will equip themselves with the colours they will need.  Even if you bought a shops entire stock of oil paints, you still wouldn't have the colours you need.  They are only achieved by mixing paints.



Lessons on Colour Mixing 

Learn how to mix precise colours using only a basic range of paints.               .  


As with most of the key foundations these lessons are a must for all beginners, but instruction in this area can also be very beneficial for experienced painters, as this is another common area of frustration.