Impasto Oil Painting - Creating Texture With Full-Bodied Oil Paint

What is Impasto Technique?

The word 'impasto' comes from Italian meaning 'to make into a paste'.  It is a technique in which the paint is applied thickly, using either a brush or painting knife.  This can be built in layers or in one layer as an alla prima painting.  The result of working this way tends to be less realistic, placing more emphasis on the strokes and textures created by brush and knife within the paint as well as an enjoyment of the physical quality of the paint itself.


The most notable examples of this technique are the oil paintings of Van Gogh.



Impasto Lessons

You will learn how to make impasto oil paintings from start to finish and become familiar with the different stages they can go through.  You will also learn how to use impasto medium and manipulate full-bodied oil paint with both brushes and painting knives to create texture and movement in your paintings.



Courses in Which Impasto Technique is Taught


General Course in Oil Painting



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