Layered Oil Painting - Building a Painting to a Fine Finish

The Value of Learning Layered Oil Painting

Knowing how to progress through a painting from the initial idea through to the finishing touches is a common area of frustration for people.  Being familiar with the various layers and stages that a painting can go through is essential to successful oil painting.


With traditional technique one would build an oil painting in layers.



Lessons on Layered Oil Painting

In these lessons you will learn how to approach each layer from the foundations to the finished painting.  You will also learn how to mix and use the correct proportion of linseed oil and turpentine for each layer (fat-over-lean) as well as more delicate brush techniques.


Any subject can be painted in layers, therefore the lessons can be oriented around any chosen subject, whether it be portraiture, still life, landscapes or figures.


This technique is more time consuming than alla prima and therefore more lesson time and practice at home will be needed.



Courses in Which Layered Oil Painting is Taught


General Course in Oil Painting



View layered oil paintings completed by students >