Oil Painting Lessons Via Zoom / Skype

Why Online Lessons?

Sometimes it can be difficult to have lessons in person due to distance or inability to travel.

Modern technology now allows us to communicate, as though in person, from anywhere in the world.



Who Can Have Online Lessons? 

Skype lessons are appropriate for anyone undertaking oil painting, wishing to receive guidance and advice, whether absolute beginner or more advanced.  Skype lessons are available worldwide, to anyone with a reasonable grasp of the English language.



What Will Online Lessons Contain? 

Lessons are in the form of guided painting to develop painting skills and conversational tutorials, to provide feedback on paintings and advice on materials and techniques.  



Are There Any Limitations To Online Lessons?

Seeing a painting on a screen is obviously not quite the same as seeing the actual thing in front of you, as colour and tone will vary a little, and therefore this can be a limitation.  However, a clear image can still be seen providing good lighting is set up.  Online lessons will never be quite the same as lessons in person, but can nevertheless be of great benefit to anyone wanting guidance with their painting.



Fees & Booking

Online lessons can be paid for in one of three ways:

a) 1 hour of online tuition paid in advance - £40.00

b) 5 hours of online tuition paid in advance - £195.00 (£39.00 per hour)

c) 10 hours of online tuition paid in advance - £380.00 (£38.00 per hour)


Payment can be made easily online: Book Online Lessons



Internet Connection 

A good speed internet connection will be needed.  Sometimes internet connection can be lost, when this happens any remaining time paid for will be kept in credit to be used at the next available session.



Free Initial Consultation

I recommend we take half an hour to speak via Skype to discuss materials, lessons plans and to make sure we are set up and working to speak and see one another clearly via Skype.  This can be done prior to payment.


Please contact me to arrange a free initial consultation.