Still Life Oil Painting

Still Life Painting

Still life is basically the painting of inanimate objects.  The items this can include are of course infinite.  Common examples are flowers, apples, onions and jugs, but it could just as easily be shoes, spectacles, bicycle pedals, alarm clocks or umbrellas.


Still life is a great way to learn oil painting as it gives the opportunity to practice all of the key foundations and methods quite intensely whilst at the same time having the flexibility to remain relatively simple.  Also, the subjects are very easily obtained.  It is far easier to grab some fruit from the kitchen than it is to find someone to model for you.  Therefore, overall, still life is a great way to develop your knowledge and techniques.



Still Life Lessons

Still life painting can be covered during lessons on any of the methods of oil painting.  



Courses in Which Still Life Oil Painting is Taught

Oil Painting for Beginners Course


General Course in Oil Painting