"I have started private painting lessons with Sonny for the last 5 years. I started with very little skills and experience but a lot of enthusiasm and passion.  I learned a lot from Sonny and he was flexible enough to follow my preference and style of learning which is ‘on the job’ paintings!  I have gone such a long way. I have many lovely paintings in my home and made quite a few for family and friends. I also got my first commission recently which I just completed.

I learned a lot about colours, technique using acrylic to start with and switching onto oils.  Even with a busy life and job I was still able to progress and have a tailored approach and lots of fun.  Sonny is very personable, gentle and patient. I would highly recommend him if you are considering private tutoring.  He is very skilled and able to help you based on your needs." R.M.



"I have greatly enjoyed tuition in oil painting with Sonny, building up from understanding the importance of basic principles to now painting portraits with some confidence. He has immense patience, while ensuring attention to detail.  I can thoroughly recommend him." J.H.



"Sonny has taught me so much about colour mixing.  He has given me the tools to plan a painting, have a complete palette of colours mixed before beginning, making the whole process much simpler. " J.T.



"I feel that I have improved so much with my artwork, especially portraits which I have been trying for years with no success, but with guidance from Sonny I feel that my portraits have improved a lot. Sonny is very patient and given me a lot of support. Thanks Sonny." M.B.



"I found your help with colour precision was a big help in making my painting more accurate. I also thought you helped develop my confidence in applying the paint, and then in developing a softer more painterly style through a better understanding of scrubbing and blending." M.W.